Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the hours of business?

A: To serve our esteemed clients, we are open 24/7.


Q: Will I have a discount for long term parking?

A: Absolutely. We have discounted weekly and monthly rates. Save even more when reserving online.


Q: What mode of payments are accepted with Skyview Parking?

A: Skyview Parking accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, debit and cash. 


Q: Why do we need return flight number?

A: We need the return flight number because we keep a track of your flight and if the flight is early or delayed, we make sure the shuttle is there to pick you up when you arrive.


Q: May I keep my keys when I park?

A: You have the option to park the car and keep your keys or use our valet service at no extra cost.


Q: Do you guarantee parking spaces when I make a reservation?

A: All reservations have a reserved parking space. Book a Reservation now!


Q: How is the price calculated?

A: We charge by the day, not by the hour.


Q: Are pets allowed in the shuttle?

A: Only pets inside kennels are allowed. Pets without kennels are not allowed in the shuttle. No exceptions. Pets in kennel should be in owner's lap at all times. Bigger pets should be checked into airport prior to parking at Skyview Parking.


Q: How do I cancel my reservation?

A: Plans changed? No problem! Simply email with your cancellation request and order number and we will cancel your reservation.


Q: What if my flight was cancelled due to COVID-19?

A: Simply email with your cancelled flight info details and order number and we will cancel your reservation and give you credit for future travels.